UPS Maintenance

We do UPS repairs in Johannesburg. And nationwide. Uptech has the necessary facilities and extensive experience to repair and maintain most UPS brands. Brands such as Eaton, Meissner, Tescom, Tower, Mecer, Liebert, Delta and MGE to name just a few.

Technicians: Uptech technicians have been carefully selected and received rigorous training in the repair and maintenance of UPS’s, as well as the the required advanced tools needed in the process. 

Training: Their training and experience has enabled them to problem solve effectively, thus ensuring the repair of many UPS units down to component level. 

Repair Success Rate: Our very high repair success rate can be attributed to the many circuit diagrams our team has had at its disposal, in addition our technical team’s expertise include repair, service, and battery replacement on 3-phase and single-phase UPS’s. 

Hard-to-Find Components: As a result of our experience in the industry during the last 20+ years, we have established solid relationships with UPS companies abroad, consequently Uptech can access many hard-to-find, discrete components which we source and import from these suppliers when needed. 

Maintenance Contracts: Providing our clients’ maintenance contracts with regular servicing of their UPS’s is also part of our offering.  

Servicing a UPS: 

In conclusion, It is important to service a UPS regularly. UPS Systems that power critical loads in data centres need to be serviced regularly which potentially prevents system damage and data loss. Since networks rely on the correct functionality of a UPS, the importance of maintaining it shouldn’t be under estimated. 

In some cases, a user will discover that a UPS needs attention only once a power outage has occurred.  Unfortunately this inevitably results in downtime. Our technicians have often arrived at a site only to discover that a UPS has been running in bypass mode due to a fault or being completely overloaded and without anyone realising it. 

We offer thorough training and advice to system operators when we service a UPS, and how to check that the UPS is running correctly. While our emphasis is on conducting UPS repairs in Johannesburg, we also implement servicing and repairs nationwide. The issue might also point towards the need for a UPS battery replacement. If you would like to buy a UPS battery, whether it is Lead Acid, Gel or Lithium Ion, we can assist you with this as well. Are you interested in finding out more about a UPS repair cost


Test inverter.
Test static Bypass.
Test charger.
Test rectifier.
Test Automatic Voltage Regulator 



AC & DC Fans.
AC and DC Capacitors.
Internal Wiring and connectors.
Input & Output


Output Voltage.
Output Frequency.
Float Voltage.
DC Offset.
High and low cut in voltages
(line interactive).



Recommendations of the following if necessary:
Replacement of Batteries and/or other components.


Analysis of UPS Application and Environment:
Check size of load connected to UPS.
Output current.


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