Do You Need a UPS or an Inverter?

Inverters and uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) are necessary for producing AC power. They do this from DC devices.

A question often asked is whether one should invest in a UPS or an inverter. Which one is the best one to use?

What is a UPS and How Does it Work?

The name is self-explanatory. The primary function of a UPS is to supply power without interruptions. This is especially the case during power outages.

Conditions necessary for your UPS include energy storage (your backup power supply during power failures). We achieve backup power using backup batteries and charge controller.

One of the key components of a UPS device is an inverter. A UPS device is much more sophisticated than an inverter. A UPS device functions similarly to an inverter. The difference is your UPS offers a far more sophisticated backup supply.

The differences between the two are instant response features and additional energy storage.

The instant response feature continues operating during power failures. UPS systems are used in data centres. This is to protect information against unstable power conditions. Your UPS will also protect your hardware from damages.

What is an Inverter Used for? 

The inverter receives DC power from solar panels / batteries and provides the AC power (alternating power) we use for electrical devices.

  • Inverters convert power. They cannot store electricity. When disconnected from the DC power source, it disrupts the AC voltage supply.

  • Your average inverter cannot attain the seamless transition your uninterrupted power supply can.

  • Inverters respond quickly. They cannot respond quite as quickly as your UPS systems.

  • A slower response could lead to loss of data. The difference here is a question of a mere couple of seconds.

  • Most solar systems we use at home use inverters less than 10kW. In comparison, medium commercial installations are usually over 100kW.

  • Inverters have power ratings and have a range of voltage in AC and DC.

Can I Use an Inverter as a UPS, and a UPS as an Inverter?

You can use a UPS as an inverter. But you cannot use an inverter as a UPS. All you need to do to use your UPS as an inverter is to disconnect the input power supply to the UPS. By connecting the backup battery supply to the UPS, you have yourself an inverter. The battery will then convert the DC current into AC current.

You can use a UPS as an inverter. You cannot use an inverter as a UPS device. The reason is the inverter forms part of the UPS device!

You can use a UPS as an inverter while you cannot use an inverter as a UPS.

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In a country where the power grid is unstable, and the future of electricity supply looks bleak, it is not a question of should I invest in a backup power supply. It is more about which one is best for my needs.

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