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Electronic Backup Power Solutions

Uptech provides electronic backup power solutions in the form of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems. Our UPS backup power systems are suited to both small-medium-to-large enterprise and home environments.

Our single phase UPS series is offered from 1kVA to 20kVA and our 3-phase UPS series is offered from 10kVA to 600kVA, all available in single units. For capacities, up to 3MVA, the single units can be paralleled. The technical services we provide include UPS maintenance contracts, UPS repairs, and battery replacements.

Our priority is to provide our valued clients with UPS systems that are unique and specific to their requirements and in so doing provide continuous uninterrupted operation of all servers, computers, networks, and electronic equipment alike to ensure that their businesses or homes remain ONLINE ALL THE TIME. Our focus on client satisfaction is of prime importance; whether we are providing an industrial ups power supply, implementing a UPS repair onsite, completing a UPS installation or offering an effective computer battery backup power supply solution, our primary goal is to create the best solution for our customers. 

The UPDS300, GP3000, UPDS100, and UP1000 are best suited for small, medium and large enterprises while the Sinewise inverter series is best suited to small home environments.

With more than 20 years of uninterruptible power supply experience, Uptech will guide you with the best possible, affordable UPS solution for your business or home.

We have carefully selected a product range that is suitable to African conditions in terms of performance and cost.

The following criteria are important when selecting and testing a new UPS product.


The uninterruptible power supply’s ability to regulate its output above 99% with an input which fluctuates erratically with respect to frequency and voltage.




& other

The uninterruptible power supply’s ability to regulate its output above 99% with a load that fluctuates in current demand for a variation of load types ie. resistive (linear), capacitive and inductive and combinations thereof.



The utilisation of reliable OEM parts such as IGBTS, capacitors, circuit-breakers, and cooling fans.


“Every site is different and has a different set of variables – for example; accessibility, load-type, network management, available floor-space and ambient temperature and each of these needs to be accounted for in the initial planning stage.”

Cost is an important consideration as the Rand is constantly under pressure from international currencies such as the Dollar and Euro. What is suitable in the US or Europe is not always viable in Africa. Each Installation we roll out is meticulously planned and implemented under the guidance of Michael Alhadeff who has 25 years of hands-on technical experience from being on-site, overseeing each and every installation, addressing and resolving problems, testing and maintaining a multitude of UPS systems which Uptech has installed over the past 20 years.

Michael Alhadeff Electronic Backup Power Solutions
Michael Alhadeff | Founder & Director

We provide a full customised uPS solution specially for our customers

Site Assessment

We carefully assess the prospective site for each UPS ensuring that all environmental factors are taken into consideration.


Based on the site assessment we factor in each power component in order to build a customised UPS solution which will solve each customers power requirements.

UPS Installation

The UPS installation is carefully implemented by our team of highly skilled and rigorously trained technicians while Michael Alhadeff (owner and founder) oversees the process.

Uptech has extensive experience in electronic backup power solutions, with more than twenty years in the industry, originating in Pretoria. Uptech offers superior value in each of its power backup products and installations. We import, supply, install and service Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS’s) from 1kVA to 650kVA, including 3 phase UPS products.

Uptech is a leader in Small-Medium-Large Enterprise & Home Power Backup solutions in Johannesburg, across South Africa and Southern Africa. We supply and support a complete range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies, inverters,  batteries, and solar products. 


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