1kVA – 10kVA

The UP1000 series employs high frequency on-line technology for the most critical applications. Under normal mains conditions the UPS will use the incoming mains to supply power to inverter and charge the batteries. The inverter supplies power to the load. When the utility supply is not available, then the inverter continues operating as before but now sources power from the battery. Therefore there is no switching during power disturbances and the result is an extremely stable supply.

  • True online double conversion technology
  • Input power factor correction
  • Wide Input Voltage range
  • Efficiency up to 93%
  • Generator Friendly
  • USB and RS232 communications ports
  • Auto self-testing system on UPS start up
  • Maintenance Bypass Switch (Available for 6K/10KVA)
  • The Wide Input Voltage Range (Low Derating Required)
  • Extendable battery back up time