Three Phase UPS


10kVA – 650kVA 3-phase UPS

The UPDS300 series is designed and manufactured by Tescom in Turkey, in accordance with TUV, CE and TSE certification. Tescom has been manufacturing UPS systems since 1986.

The UPDS300 series is an advanced three phase, true online, dual conversion, digitally controlled UPS.  It is designed to meet the high availability and high power quality needs for a wide variety of critical applications, such as in the data center, industrial, medical, military, banking, security and laboratory.

The series utilises very fast digital signal processors to generate an accurately controlled output for the most demanding types of loads. The UPDS300 series employs a modern transformerless UPS design together with an IGBT rectifier and inverter. The result is a rugged and highly efficient UPS that is able to handle the harshest of power conditions in Africa . The overall achieved efficiency is 94%. This in turn means that the UPS consumes less energy, lowering electricity costs significantly


  • High efficiency = 94%
  • THD <5% & PF =0.98  reducing costs of generator and switch-gear
  • TUV, CE, ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified = proven reliability
  • Engineered for Business
  • Flexibility
  • Intelligent on-board status diagnosis of all critical parts
  • Low cost of ownership

Key Features:

  • IGBT rectifier
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Control
  • Two year onsite warranty as standard
  • Ten-year guarantee on spares availability
  • Smart and user -friendly LCD interface