Medium to Large Three-Phase Enterprise Solution

Three-Phase UPS

…A three-phase supply can deliver more electrical power than a single phase supply

In UPS terms there are three potential phase configurations available. A Three-phase supply actually consists of three single phase supplies (and a neutral) with a 120 degree phase orientation between them. 

A Three-phase supply can deliver more electrical power than a single phase supply. A 20kVA output is generally the largest single phase UPS system available. This is due to the output amperage and cable requirements.


UPDS300 online UPS Series

The UPDS300 online UPS series was designed and engineered for the data centre, server room, multiple workstations and  laboratories in security, medical, ISP, telecoms, military, industrial and many other critical applications.

The UPDS300 series employs a modern transformerless UPS design together with an IGBT rectifier and inverter.


The result is a rugged and highly efficient UPS that is able to handle the harshest of Africa’s power conditions as well as the most challenging load type. The overall achieved efficiency is 94%. This in turn means that the UPS consumes less energy, lowering electricity costs.



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TT3300 online UPS Series

The UPTech’s TT300 online UPS Series is designed, engineered and manufactured in South Africa and is available in the 10kVA to 40kVA capacities. The rugged design lends itself to many critical applications such  as mining, security, banking, medical, government, transport and warehousing.

The TT300 online UPS series follows in the footsteps of The TS1100 in terms of reliability, performance and innovation, but now in 3-phase in,3 phase out configuration. The TT3300 series is offered from 10 to 40KVA. These UPS systems are true online double conversion with a high efficiency of 90%.



GP3000 UPS series

30kVA – 100kVA 3-3 online double conversion UPS

The GP3000 is a 3-phase galvanic-transformer based UPS which is designed to withstand unconventional types of loads such as motors, heaters, lazers and compressors found typically in the military, manufacturing, medical, print, and laboratory environments.

  • 3-3 phase, online Double conversion
  • DSP Technology – maximises reliability
  • True Galvanic Isolation transformer
  • Control designed to withstand all kinds of loads
  • Intelligent battery management to optimise battery life
  • Redundant fan design and independent ventilation enhance to protect UPS in harsh environment
  • Accept dual-mains Input
  • Parallel operation – up to 4 units
  • Variety of communication options available